About Ubaiwriter

About Ubaiwriter

My name is Ubai and writing is my passion. I am an accomplished writer, and I am confident that I can make your business successful.

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My academic background in Economics and Political Science along with Near Eastern Studies has given me a varied experience and expertise in a multitude of writing styles.

I apply myself entirely to the task at hand, I am conscious about deadlines, and have an eye for detail.

I have written for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, The Times of India, several schools, and college magazines. I write content for the web on a medley of topics.

My writing style is to the point, precise, and simple.

The gamut of my hobbies includes Aviation (yes, I have a pilot’s license), Alternative healing, helping people solve their problems, simplifying complicated issues, and of course reading and writing.

Please email me at ubaiwriter@gmail.com for pricing and any other questions, or use the form below.